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October 29, 2013 by The Rippke's

October has been a fantastic month! We started and finished our dossier and sent it off last week. Of course, we are still waiting on some of our I-600a stuff (that’ll happen in November) before it can go over to ET to get translated, but we are glad to be done with that! Thank you to everyone who helped us finish it so quickly. The day we sent all our paper off a dear friend of ours was in Ethiopia and visited the orphanage Solomon “N” is at. Oh goodness nothing is more fun than getting new pics!! And video!!! We are all missing Solomon. Elsa Banke asks quite often when he’s coming home, or if we’re in Ethiopia to pick Solomon up when we pull into a new place. This will be a long wait for all of us. But to get these updates and hear that he is doing well and seems healthy and is a sweet, shy, snuggly little guy makes it much easier to wait. We also got an update and some pictures from another friend the week before. So precious. Thank you E and B for the updates! Somedays we miss Ethiopia so badly…

The same week our AMAZING friends back in Corpus Christi threw an epic garage sale to help us fundraise and get Solomon home! We’ve done our fair share of garage sales (I think 10…) and they are not an easy thing…flat out a pain in the rear most of the time haha. Seriously such a sacrificial gift! Not to mention our BEST garage sale total to date, and within $100 of what we still owed for our dossier fees!! Did you hear that!? This is not the first time provision like this, like within dollars of an immediate need, has happened during this process. It amazes us every single time. God is SO good. SO GOOD! And He is for real teaching Nate and I what it looks like to be generous and supportive through all of you. Every single person that has prayed for us, given financially, donated items to our garage sales, bought items from our garage sales, tagged Solomon’s bag, donated items to our online auction, bid on those items (bidding is still going on!), bought items from any of the numerous fundraisers we’ve done (and will do haha), hung out with us, oooohed and ahhhhed over pictures of Solomon with us, or just sent a note asked how things are going has taught us what it looks like to love people well. To love like Christ loves. To give in crazy ways. And it is awesome. So thank you!!

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