Solomon and Elsa. Where we’re all at.

September 10, 2013 by The Rippke's

In the few minutes I have before it’s time to go pick Elsa up from school (yes school!) I just wanted to post a quick update on where we’re at with Solomon’s adoption. Last week we received our next round of paperwork for the placing agency, and our first major invoice. We are working hard on finishing up all of that and the educational requirements they sent along with it. Since we already completed a bunch of educational stuff for Elsa’s adoption they’ve put something new together so it’s not a repeat. We also set up interview times with our home study agency, and had our first two solo interviews with her yesterday. You have no secrets when adopting haha.  Soon we’ll do our last round of interviews, and she’ll come do our home walk through. But before that the three of us will have our medical reports done (yay blood draws…ugh) and have fingerprints taken again. Once it’s all done, hopefully in the next week or so, we’ll send it all off to the placing agency, along with the contracting fees, and they’ll send us the dossier paperwork! That’s all the good, personal, important stuff that gets translated and goes to the Ethiopian courts so the judge will see us. And at that point we’ll start a bunch of grant paperwork, do more fingerprinting and immigration stuff, and they’ll let us send Solomon “N” a care package like we did with Elsa…letting him know he’s got a mommy and abapa and sister who love him and are coming for him! Can’t wait!!

First I need to write you guys a thank you though. So many people have come along side us and donated their resources in one way or another to our adoption already. If you’ve donated to Solomon’s “Tag His Bag” then THANK YOU. If you’ve spread the word about our adoption/fundraisers then THANK YOU. If you’ve set up a fundraiser or donated items for us to sell then THANK YOU. If you donated items to our garage sale this last weekend then THANK YOU. And if you came and shopped at our garage sale then THANK YOU too! We are a little over 1/6 of the way to the $17,000 in adoption fees we need to pay before court!! You guys. Thank you. I really really mean it. We knew saying YES to God this time around would require a level of trust in Him for provision that we’ve never had to face before…and He is providing for Solomon to come home through each of you in ways we NEVER expected. So thank you so so much. We are getting closer!! And there’s still definitely time to get your name on his bag!

But in Elsa news…our almost four year old (oh man, I need to get on the party planning!) started school last week. I think we were all pretty nervous the first day, but we are so blessed to have her at a school that is patient and understanding and working hard with her (and us) on making it as smooth as a transition as possible. Today was day three, and she walked herself right into the classroom and started her day without even looking back. Big progress. Quickly. Whew. She’s also started playing soccer. Well, hopefully she’ll play. Right now she just mainly likes the socks and standing on the sidelines watching abapa coach haha. We’ll see how the first games go this week…

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  1. ashley! i love this update:) isn’t it amazing to watch God’s family join together to bring your child home? it gets me every time. so awesome!

    and, elsa. Oh my word. she is soooo stinkin’ adorable. that smile is contagious. i just want to squeeze her!! thanks for the updates!!

    Comment by jenny — September 12, 2013 @ 2:39 am

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