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August 26, 2013 by The Rippke's

Hey, whoa. This morning, after a super fun weekend up in MN celebrating at my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding, my mom and I got Solomon’s bag up to date and added everything up. We are 1/12 of the way to the $17,000 we need to able send our paperwork to Ethiopia!! Thank you all so much!! Thank you to those who have given, and prayed for us, and shared our post. I can’t believe in five days how much closer we are to being able to send all the paperwork and fees in! Woo hoo! If you want to have your name on his bag you can use the paypal link on the right hand side of our blog to donate any amount!

Elsa Banke has been rolling his suitcase around all morning. She’s got her heels on, baby in her arms, and she’s buckled into her pretend airplane all ready to go get him. I have to say, I’m pretty excited to see the two of them together. Eeep!

We still don’t have many details on Solomon or where he’s at, or really what kind of care and all he is receiving for his medical needs. And we don’t know how long it will be until we can go meet him. But we did find out today that his birth name means soul. So all together his name means peace/peaceable soul. Which is just so so sweet to this mama.

I know some of you have asked how you can be praying specifically right now, so here are our most urgent prayer requests:

Solomon’s health: There are medical needs that need to be addressed as quickly as possible. We know there are things going on with his kidneys/urinary tract that need attention. That have needed attention for a long time. But without more tests and him seeing specialists we won’t know the extent of it all until we get him home. We don’t know if he’s in pain. Or uncomfortable. Or exactly what’s going on. So we’re praying for healing and comfort.

Paperwork: We are praying that all of the necessary paperwork can be completed as quickly as possible. We are hopeful that we will be ready to send everything in in September or October. We need medical stuff, immigration stuff, and all our other reports and requirements to fall into place smoothly for this to be a possibility.

New processes in Ethiopia: We know there is a new step going into effect starting September 1st. We don’t know what it means, no one seems to. But we are praying that the rumors of it adding months to the process are in fact just rumors, and that it’s an easy requirement to fufil in Solomon’s case so we can make our first trip as soon as possible.

Funding: We’re still about $15,000 away from being able to send our paperwork in and get the process rolling of bringing Solomon home. We know God will provide this through work, donations, garage sales, or whatever crazy ways He calls us to make it happen. To my human mama heart it seems like a HUGE mountain to move. But we’ve seen God move these mountains time and time again, and we know this time is no exception, so we are trying not to be anxious in any way.

Thanksgiving: We are so thankful for our precious son. We are thankful for God’s leading in all of this, and his provision. And again, we are so so so thankful for everyone’s support and prayers.

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